Is it wine O'clock yet?

Today, after driving in snow ( pretty slippery and scary ) and silly arguments with my-not-a-teen-yet son, I cannot help but go to this most yummy cherry glogg I bought back in December.
I was ill for most of this year and I did not want alcohol to decrease my immune system any more as it was already so weak with flu and cold. So today is the first day I give in, I give in to a glass or two of cherry glogg, watching the snow fall in the garden.
My colleagues at work, often talk about their teenage children and I always dread the teenage years of my own children.
What a teacher told me, the other day, was, to remember that I am the grown up here. Love them, put your foot down, stick to my rules,  but love them. They will know that you are there for them, that you are there for anything.
I am sure my son knows it. He knows I will go to the end of the world for him.  Kids- they do not know how much they hurt you.

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