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The Beast from The East

The cold spell, nicknamed The Beast from the East has arrived. Europe is shivering.
Well, it is definitely colder than normal, although there is hardly any snow at my end.
Yesterday, I joined the mad rush at my local supermarket and stocked up on food. The mad rush seems to be about panic buying of milk and bread, now I know why the bread shelves were empty.
Last time it snowed, I got stuck on the M25 and on the countryside roads for over 3 hours, trying to reach home. So I am not taking any chance this time. I am glad I have enough groceries to last me a week, although there is still no snow.
I seriously cannot wake up in the morning. It is getting worse. Is it age or is it the cold and darkness? I was always under the impression that the older you get, the less sleep you need. Most elderly people I know do wake up at 5am everyday. I must be an exception. I am not an elderly yet, but I do not think that I will ever be a 5am, a morning person.
That is why I am hoping, there is no work and no school tomorrow, so that I can stay in bed, looking out at the snow, rather than be in it.
Someone can hope, right?

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