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My Garden/Snow

Last week, I put on my wellies and ventured out to my garden and took some amazing photos of the snow.  I say, ventured to my back garden because I simply do not go out there in Winter. In Summer, it is a different matter. I spend all my day until nightime out there, from breakfast, to working, to spending time with the children, up till late after dinner. Once the children are in bed, the hubby and I sit, wrapped up in blankets, on the swing and a fire pit next to us, when it is a bit cool.
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I cannot believe I have not been to my own back garden, let alone, open the back doors even since November/December last year.
I would still not have stepped out until spring, until some sun comes out, until it looks tempting to venture out, if not for the snow and my passion for photography.
I am now waiting impatiently for the next cycle of Life, Spring.

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