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Legoland- Windsor

Legoland is Uk’s favourite Kids Theme Park and it is definitely my son’s one as he loves lego and has been asking to go there again every year.
I even got a Merlin pass, to see what all the fuss was about. It is well worth what you pay for it, only, if you use it at least twice a year.
Back to Legoland. When summer holidays are nearing, cereal boxes tend to have special ticket deals which usually gives a Buy 1 Get 1 free entrance ticket.
I enjoyed the day there with so much going on. Lego bricks come to life here. A place for small ones as well as for the not so small ones.
It has over 55 live shows, interactive rides, attractions, building workshops and driving schools, not to mention a staggering 80 million LEGO® bricks which make up the iconic buildings of the world.
Be prepared for long queues during school holidays and irritated children, especially in summer.  Bring a lot of water and snacks to keep the little ones hydrated and not peckish.
The spinning spider was nearly at the beginning and after I saw the queue, I decided to skip this, especially as I could see something resembling a castle just ahead.
I know it’s only lego. But what I saw next made me feel like I was in another country, in the desert of Egypt as it was very hot.  Plus the massive statue took me to Egypt straight away. I have never been to Egypt, but would love to see the pyramids one day.
Impressive statue of the Pharaoh made with lego.

The maze

Get on the gentle boat trip where lego magic makes your favourite tales come to life.

The little Red Riding Hood
The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella
Next is one of the main attraction that attracted the children.
After all, they do see mum and dad driving everyday, so they want to do just like us. Drive. My 2 have their own Legoland Drivers’ Licence.
No thank you. I do not mind a portrait of me but not a caricature.
Now comes the part I was looking forward to all day. The best part for a lot of grown ups as we cannot go on the rides. This part of Legoland was amazing. Every building, every boat, every vehicle, every figure, is made of lego.  And they are big, when you compare the little lego house you have at home.
The Launchpad
P & O Cruise Ship

The show
That’s it. A few of my highlights at Legoland. There was a lot more rides, water park, restaurants and a gift shop.
Some more photos of my trip to Legoland
Cuddle Fairy


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