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Things to do and see in Whitby

Whitby is a charming seaside town in Yorkshire,  Northern England. Full of history, it is here that Bram Stoker had his inspirations for Dracula ( spooky )and where the well known explorer Captain Cook started on his seafaring adventure ( not just scary after all). The town has it all, from ruined abbeys, sandy beaches, to rock pools and a harbour.
I have only a few hours to spend there and here is what I do –
199 Steps
The first thing I do is climb the 199 steps, following the footsteps of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
The view is spectacular, changing with every step I make.
Do not get put off by the 199 steps. They sound worse than what they actually are. An average fit person, like myself,  can do the steps within 10 minutes.
It is a tradition to count the steps, however I miss that, too busy admiring the view and taking photos.
Whitby Abbey ( English Heritage )                                                                                              Now I know why Bram Stoker drew his inspiration from Whitby.  At the top of the steps, an abbey in ruins greets me. It is one of Britain’s most iconic gothic buildings and it’s detailed carvings and mouldings are impressive.
Fish and Chips                                                                                                                               Lunch time. There is nothing more I like than eating fish & chips by the sea. Try one of the restaurants.
Or buy some fish and chips from a chippie, and eat on the waterfront. I am so hungry, must be from those 199 steps, that I literally swallow my food ( hence no photo 😉 ) Hilarious but not funny at that time, once a bird tried to steal my fish&chips while I was eating by the sea ( another seafront) and before I knew it, I had bird poo on my hat, thankfully I had a cap on. Phew, but still, that was not a nice experience. So maybe that is one reason why I swallow my food if I am near the sea.
Candy Rock                                                                                                                                            I have this obsession with candy rocks. I have to buy some, for myself and the children as well as to bring as a little gift to my friends and family down south.  Not only are they pretty, so colourful, but they are also yummy.

Whitby Lighthouse
Whitby was once a major trading port and a shipbuilding town, hence why it has such impressive lighthouses and huge piers.
Whitby Cruise
There are daily cruises into the bay or along the Yorkshire coast.
This is another amazing way to view Whitby as the town is on a hill. The cruises are also good for whale watching.

Now if I had more time, I would definitely check out the museums and galleries and maybe go on the walking tour.
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  • Elaine J. Masters

    What a sweet spot to explore. There’s a Whitby Island in the Pacific Northwest of the US but nothing as charming as this. Cool about Bram Stoker and that Abbey is definitely spooky. #travelnotesandbeyond

  • Anisa

    My husband has been wanting to take me to Whitby! I don’t think I would count the steps either.199 either. The abbey ruins look impressive too. I love fish and chips on the sea front. Have you been to Aldeburgh? Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  • RobRob @TravelLatte(.net)

    Sign us up, we are ready to go! What a great place to explore. The abbey looks just gorgeous, and we always enjoy seafront and harbor towns. Thanks for putting Whitby on our radar, and for linking up with us for #TheWeeklyPostcard! (Speaking of, welcome aboard!)

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