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Mothers Day

One of the days when I get to stay in bed in the morning while breakfast is being cooked  ( by the hubby ) for me downstairs and get pampered all day.
My daughter actually wanted me to stay in bed, all day though. If I did stay in bed, I would end up getting breakfast at midday and maybe nothing till the next day.
What I love about that day is the attention, the love and care I get from my children, and of course the fact that I get to do what I want and not what I need.  They do it everyday, the love and care, but it is a bit more on that day, and I get pampered too.
This year, however was the first Mothers Day argument with my soon to be teen. The arguments are often now, I am at a loss what to do , what to say. And the worst part is that I am the grown up here and I am supposed to know what to do.                                      So I am always cherishing the time spent with my 8 year old ( although she can be so fiery ) before she hits her teens too.
All in all, I am still so proud of my children, so proud of myself too, for raising them with good values.
I got a few presents 🙂

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