Science Museum London, with the children

Science Museum, Kensington London
It’s the Easter Holidays.
And my first time travelling on my own with the children on the trains and the London underground. The London Underground, also known as the tubes, is always so packed that I have never felt confident to travel with the children on my own.
Now that they are older, it was much easier and also fun as they helped me navigate the London underground tube map.
We had to change trains/tubes a few times to get to our destination, South Kensington, where the Science Museum is located.
We were all so very excited about the whole trip. The tubes were packed as expected, and had to miss a few as we all could not get in. It was an interesting experience. I made sure the children held my hand and I did not take my eyes off them at the stations.
I had packed some sandwiches, cereal bars, fruits and water, which turned out to be really handy as the children got hungry as soon as we reached the museum.
The cafes/restaurants inside the museum were full, and I was glad I had my own sandwiches. On the way back, I had planned to try out a nearby restaurant.
The place is certainly very interesting. There is a lot to see, maybe too much. My 8 year old was tired whilst still on the groundfloor and there were another 3 floors to go.
The few things they both enjoyed were the galleries, the Who Am I, Exploring space, Making the Modern World.
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Energy Hall

By the time we got to Level 2, I was thinking of calling it a day and make our way back to Home Sweet Home, but the children got some rest here and quite enjoyed the interactive gallery of Atmosphere.
They loved having to think about things like ” Should we engineer the climate “.
Somehow we never made it to Level 3, as I did not know there was one until much later when I got the chance to look at the map ( the map that I had in my hands, and carried around with me ) I also just found out that there was a basement floor too.
I would love to see the things I have missed so maybe another trip is on the card.
On the way to the station, the underpass which had led us to the museum straight from the station was closed. So I was lost for about 30 minutes, trying to find a tube station.  It was a very nice day, with the sun shining, ( In UK, warm weather and the sun shining is a big deal for some, like me ) so walking around Kensington was a bonus. We got to watch a bubble show, a strange but interesting bubbles show.
I write for my pleasure, to capture those simple moments and to share my photos. As much as I love reading travel journals like this, I hope mine too can bring some pleasure /help /provide some information to someone else.
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