Waffles with Hazelnut Chocolate spread and Strawberries

I love good food, especially those that can be prepared and cooked easily and quickly.

I have to say, this waffles dish is phenomenal. I wonder why I have never tried this desert before. So easy and quick.

At first I was not even sure if it was supposed to be a breakfast or desert but I decided on the latter. It was after dinner and I could not wait till morning to try the waffles. Morning is written on the box of waffles.

This is so simple to prepare, yet the combination of strawberries, the waffle itself and the hazelnut chocolate spread is phenomenal.

Did I mention this desert is phenomenal.

The waffles can be shop bought. I bought mine as frozen as they last longer and they taste as good as the fresh ones.

Pop them in the grill or toaster for a few minutes, spread the chocolate and enjoy with fresh strawberries.