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Disneyland Hotel, Paris

Disneyland Paris’  25th Anniversary

The hotel I stayed in is right at the entrance of the park. One of the huge benefits of staying in the 5 star luxurious hotel was that after watching the fireworks at 11pm, I got to walk to the exit, and went up straight to my room. With two tired, slightly grumpy children, it was a huge bonus.

The hotel is everything you imagine it to be. It is beautiful, with Disney features all over the place. Everything screams Disney.

There is the huge staircase, where little girls in princess’ outfits were being photographed. Needless to say, I had one of those too, for myself and for my daughter; my daughter in her princess dress and one of me in my long summer dress, the nearest I got to a princess dress.

Our classic room had the same wardrobe as in Beauty and the Beast, well, according to the children. I would not have been surprised if it started singing and talking. That would have been the icing on the cake.

The staff are like everyone elsewhere, some are super nice, friendly and helpful and the rest are grumpy and behave like they really do not want to be there. Booking shows was complicated, well booking it was easy but what followed was complicated.

At the entrance, the valet staff bring all the luggage in and they were one of the happiest, friendliest people around. The excitement of entering the hotel starts with them, sharing their happiness with us.

There are a few restaurants and shops within the hotel. There is also characters meet and greet outside the restaurants in the morning and the evening.

We would spend a few hours in the park before heading back to the hotel for a rest and shower. I reserved two restaurants within the hotel, Inventions and California Grill to eat at in the evenings, as it was so convenient to just leave the room and walk 5 minutes to the restaurants.

In the morning, we ate at Inventions where there was a a character meet and greet everyday. Something to get the children excited.

It was warm and sunny on all the days, so we gave the indoor heated pool a miss.


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