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Road Trip to France

Trip to Disneyland Paris, France

It was my first road trip to Europe, driving from Port of Dover in Uk to Port of Calais in France, and then heading to Paris, Disneyland.

I now realise that it would have been maybe easier and less stressful to go by the Eurostar train from London to Paris and it stops right outside the Disney Village. Very convenient.

This is something I learnt when I researched and booked my trip to Disneyland. To be honest I was not aware of the train that transports vehicles. I thought there were only 3 ways of getting to France from Uk. One is flying there. The second one is taking the Eurostar train from london. And the third option is to take the  ferry from Dover Port to Calais. You can take your car/motorbike etc on the ferry.

Little did I know that I could take my car on the train, called Le Shuttle. This is at Dover Port, just at a different entrance to the ferry.

The cost would have ended up being slightly more expensive, but with less stress.

I ended up taking up car insurance to drive in Europe, breakdown cover in Europe, paid for the Eurotunnel train, fuel for the car and all those added up, slightly cheaper than the Eurostar tickets.

However, despite the stress of worrying about the car being ok ( I have been having problems with the wheel ) the road trip was worth it. Now the husband has a list of European countries he wants to drive to.

Driving to Disneyland gave us more flexiblity to manage our time, to get down wherever we wanted, to explore anything on the way and we love road trips anyway. We got to see the landscape of France. At times I would forget I was in France, the greenery is the same everywhere, but then I was reminded of where I was when I saw something like this.

This is the moment we get into France territory, while still on Uk land,  where they check the passports. It was pretty straightforward, and quick although there was a queue forming for one of the earliest Eurotunnel train to France.

This is me driving my car into the train itself.

Inside the train

We reached France in 30 minutes and once on land, the exit is onto the motorway, which is easy for me as I am used to driving on the right hand side of the road while in France it is on the left hand side.

No worries at this instant as being on the motorway is handy, not having to deal with oncoming traffic.

One thing to remember is to overtake on the left, and move back to the right lane. I was very impressed with the way people use the left lane only to overtake and straight away move back to the right hand side lane. The overtaking lane was empty except for the occasional overtaker. No one hogs the overtaking lane.

Imagine the excitement bubbling in the car. The excitement started once we got out of the tunnel and once we hit the motorway in France, it died down a bit until we started seeing directions to the park.

Are we there yet?

In England, when I go for road trips or long journeys, I always end up going thru Drive Thru at a Burger King, McDonalds and always stop at service stations.

In France I could not help noticing that there was no fast food outlet, and no service stops either. I noticed a stop by park, with trees and benches, very nice.

Halfway there, we stopped for some food and rest when we found somewhere.

This is Calais Port, where we had to try the French Burger King, especially after a 3-4 hours drive from Paris.

My stay at Disneyland Hotel




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