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Wine Cellars

I cannot recommend Port Wine Tasting enough. Having read all about the Douro Valley, and it’s magnificent landscape which I unfortunately did not get a chance to visit, I was at least happy that I got to taste Port wine, from grapes grown in the Douro Valley.

I was really surprised at how cheap it was. I have never been to a wine tasting over here in England, but I assumed it was pricey.

The wine cellars are found in Vila Da Gaia, on the other side of the town, and across the Luis Dom Bridge.

I feel proud and at the same time silly to say that throughout the trip, I used only traditional maps to get around, no mobile, no google map.

I managed fine on the bus and around the town, but when it came to crossing the bridge to go to the wine cellar, I got it all wrong.

I am sure my friends and I walked for more than 1 hour to reach our reserved winery, and the funny thing was that when we reached, there was a woman who had collapsed outside the winery.

She had either collapsed due to the journey, or to the fact that she just had the port wine. It could have been us, collapsed outside. It was mostly uphill, and we had no food and drink with us.

There was no shop on the way either where we could buy something to replenish our tired bodies. No taxi, no bus, not one vehicle and no other person either on the way there. We nearly gave up.

We kept walking and walking, and passing lots of wineries, but not the one we were supposed to go to.

Having reached the wine cellar Churchills, we were starved and glad to be able to sit, relax, enjoy a tour of the cellar with explanations on how port wine was made, and of course the sipping of the wine.

When we left, we were so tipsy due to an empty stomach, we had to request a taxi to be called for us, and we went for lunch at a restaurant. I have to say, the young woman was very friendly and she made the visit even more formidable. However we did ask for more biscuits, so as not to get drunk on the wine, but it was not that forthcoming.

So if you book a winery in Vila da Gaia, Porto, take a taxi, or if you fancy walking, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, carry food and drinks, and enjoy the port wine.

Are we nearly there? Where are we?

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