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7 Coloured Earths

The 7 coloured earths is a place in Mauritius. As the name implies, it is a small area, made up of sand dunes, not any ordinary sand, but of 7 colours of sand.

It is a natural phenomenon and surprisingly it does not erode despite torrential rain.

As I mentioned before, I grew up in Mauritius and I remember hearing the rumour that there was some kind of treasure under the sand dunes, but if it was dug up, the beautiful place would be ruined.

Another fascinating fact is that if a bit of the earth is mixed together, they will settle into different layers eventually.

How fascinating? Now that I am older, I will make a note of looking more into this and find the science behind it all.

For now, enjoy the photos.

There is no official name for the 7 coloured earths. It’s known as Chamarel or 7 coloured earths or La Terre Des Sept Couleurs ( in French )

There is also a beautiful waterfall, Chamarel Waterfalls.

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