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Macaroons Heaven

Day 2 – My 3 Days in Paris

Even before I set out for Paris, my thought was on macaroons. I had seen enough of photos of them all over the net, and surprisingly I had not even tried them yet.

Having shown my son the photos too, all he wanted whilst walking through shops was to buy macaroons and I kept saying later.

On the way back from Louvre Museum, we passed by a few shops selling souvenirs and macaroons.

I am so glad I waited, as the shop I entered was heaven itself. The young pretty lady that helped us to choose which sweets to buy was beyond nice and gave us biscuits to try and gave the children sweets.

I ate the macaroons only when I got back to England, the next day when I was missing being on holiday. The funny thing is that when I got off at St Pancras Train station in London, I saw some macaroon shops. I just need to pop into London and buy those macaroons.


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