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    Macaroons Heaven

    Day 2 – My 3 Days in Paris Even before I set out for Paris, my thought was on macaroons. I had seen enough of photos of them all over the net, and surprisingly I had not even tried them yet. Having shown my son the photos too, all he wanted whilst walking through shops was to buy macaroons and I kept saying later. On the way back from Louvre Museum, we passed by a few shops selling souvenirs and macaroons. I am so glad I waited, as the shop I entered was heaven itself. The young pretty lady that helped us to choose which sweets to buy was beyond…

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    Waffles with Chocolate spread and Strawberries

    I love good food, especially those that can be prepared and cooked easily and quickly. I have to say, this waffles dish is phenomenal. I wonder why I have never tried this desert before. So easy and quick. This is so simple to prepare, yet the combination of strawberries, the waffle itself and the hazelnut chocolate spread is phenomenal. Did I mention this desert is phenomenal. The waffles can be shop bought. I bought mine as frozen as they last longer and they taste as good as the fresh ones. Ingredients A pack of frozen or fresh waffles Chocolate spread – I used a few spoons of Nutella Strawberries Method…

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    Homemade Saturday Takeaway/Fakeaway

    This turned out to be easier than I thought. Just a bit of planning required and I get a decent fake away, freshly cooked by myself, so no surprises there. It is also so much healthier with less oil and salt added. I bought chicken, paneer, frozen peas, rice and pappadums which I fried. I googled some paneer recipe and made paneer makhani. Delicious and easy. I don’t think I will be buying takeaway food in a long time. Simple Chicken Curry with potatoes, rice, paneer in a rich tomato sauce with some spices and peas                            …

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    Upside Down Pear Cake

    My first upside down cake, and it was a huge success with the whole family. Totally delicious and super easy to make. I personally found it a tiny bit too sweet, therefore, I will reduce the amount of caster sugar by less than half even, next time I make this. It is so delicious, that the sweetness of the sugar is not required. I also ran out of cocoa powder, so mine was not as chocolatey as the recipe. Ingredients 6 small ripe pears (roughly 600g), peeled, quartered and cored 25 g butter, melted 30 g caster sugar For the sponge 60g cocoa powder 190g salted butter, softened, plus extra…

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    The children cooked their own breakfast

    The children go through this phase sometimes, when they want to cook or help in the kitchen. And I have always said that I will teach them how to cook as it is a life skill. So this morning, surprisingly, or maybe because I said no to watching tv, they both wanted to cook their own breakfast, something we can never do on weekdays or even Saturdays. My son made french toasts while my daughter made a tuna omelette. She hates eggs, unless there is tuna in it. I supervised the cooking of course but they did very well too, and we are looking forward to making pancakes next week.