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    Enjoying my garden in the mini heatwave

    I always feel like winter is dragging on forever but things are finally looking up, dare a say a few days of sunshine too is on the horizon. Well, England has seen yesterday it’s hottest April day in 70 years, the temperature being 29 deg. A mini heatwave this week to be followed by a rain and thunder next week. Needless to say, I have been in the garden since morning, topping up my Vitamin D and putting my washing out. I cannot sit still. I would sit for 5 minutes, enjoying the peace and sun and then I would run in to get my camera as I have seen…

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    Waffles with Chocolate spread and Strawberries

    I love good food, especially those that can be prepared and cooked easily and quickly. I have to say, this waffles dish is phenomenal. I wonder why I have never tried this desert before. So easy and quick. This is so simple to prepare, yet the combination of strawberries, the waffle itself and the hazelnut chocolate spread is phenomenal. Did I mention this desert is phenomenal. The waffles can be shop bought. I bought mine as frozen as they last longer and they taste as good as the fresh ones. Ingredients A pack of frozen or fresh waffles Chocolate spread – I used a few spoons of Nutella Strawberries Method…

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    So excited about Spring

    The sun is out, it is not even that cold outside. It’s colder indoors than outdoors. And it is my first time in the garden since last year, maybe since October/December. Spring symbolises new life and here are a few of the photos I took of the plants in my garden, symbolising new life. I am looking forward to longer days, days spent in the garden, in the sun, and of course good food ( already salivating thinking of grilled fish and vegetables with a cold fresh fruit juice…or a cold cider )  and good company. Are you as excited as me about spring, good and warm weather? Photos of…

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    After bleak days, cold, grey and dark, it looks like the good weather is here, the sun is shining and soon I will forget all about those winter days. Spring, the season of Hope. Unfortunately sunny weather means more washing for me, as I could spend all my days putting my washing up on the line outside. Which means I can wash clothes all day, my washing machine does not get a rest and my ironing pile never ends. But at least I always have clean clothes.  

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    Mothers Day

    One of the days when I get to stay in bed in the morning while breakfast is being cooked  ( by the hubby ) for me downstairs and get pampered all day. My daughter actually wanted me to stay in bed, all day though. If I did stay in bed, I would end up getting breakfast at midday and maybe nothing till the next day. What I love about that day is the attention, the love and care I get from my children, and of course the fact that I get to do what I want and not what I need.  They do it everyday, the love and care, but…

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    Homemade Saturday Takeaway/Fakeaway

    This turned out to be easier than I thought. Just a bit of planning required and I get a decent fake away, freshly cooked by myself, so no surprises there. It is also so much healthier with less oil and salt added. I bought chicken, paneer, frozen peas, rice and pappadums which I fried. I googled some paneer recipe and made paneer makhani. Delicious and easy. I don’t think I will be buying takeaway food in a long time. Simple Chicken Curry with potatoes, rice, paneer in a rich tomato sauce with some spices and peas                            …

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    Bucket List

    I have never made a Bucket List because I know there are things I want to do that I will never be able to do. So I have always been scared to write them down, as it will make it feel like a failure if I don’t ever manage to do them. Pessimist much !! I also change my mind about what is really important, in terms of what I want to do first. Oh what the heck, enough of overthinking I am at a stage right now, where all my days are passing by, hours and days are rolling into one. I am living in a state of constant…

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    My Garden/Snow

    Last week, I put on my wellies and ventured out to my garden and took some amazing photos of the snow.  I say, ventured to my back garden because I simply do not go out there in Winter. In Summer, it is a different matter. I spend all my day until nightime out there, from breakfast, to working, to spending time with the children, up till late after dinner. Once the children are in bed, the hubby and I sit, wrapped up in blankets, on the swing and a fire pit next to us, when it is a bit cool. I cannot believe I have not been to my own…

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    The Beast from The East

    The cold spell, nicknamed The Beast from the East has arrived. Europe is shivering. Well, it is definitely colder than normal, although there is hardly any snow at my end. Yesterday, I joined the mad rush at my local supermarket and stocked up on food. The mad rush seems to be about panic buying of milk and bread, now I know why the bread shelves were empty. Last time it snowed, I got stuck on the M25 and on the countryside roads for over 3 hours, trying to reach home. So I am not taking any chance this time. I am glad I have enough groceries to last me a…

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    Welcome to my little corner on cyberspace. What started as a blog about my trips has now become mostly about my tales, which is Food. Honestly, I have a love and hate passion with cooking, so my cooking repertoire mainly involve everyday, quick and easy cooking. Please read the disclaimer below. Disclaimer Everything I write is my own personal view and opinion. I do not wish to misrepresent anyone and it is at your own risk that you use my views and opinions. Copyright Policy                                                                                                                                                                  I am the legal copyright holder of all materials…