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    Science Museum London, with the children

    Science Museum, Kensington London It’s the Easter Holidays. And my first time travelling on my own with the children on the trains and the London underground. The London Underground, also known as the tubes, is always so packed that I have never felt confident to travel with the children on my own. Now that they are older, it was much easier and also fun as they helped me navigate the London underground tube map. We had to change trains/tubes a few times to get to our destination, South Kensington, where the Science Museum is located. We were all so very excited about the whole trip. The tubes were packed as expected,…

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    Mothers Day

    One of the days when I get to stay in bed in the morning while breakfast is being cooked  ( by the hubby ) for me downstairs and get pampered all day. My daughter actually wanted me to stay in bed, all day though. If I did stay in bed, I would end up getting breakfast at midday and maybe nothing till the next day. What I love about that day is the attention, the love and care I get from my children, and of course the fact that I get to do what I want and not what I need.  They do it everyday, the love and care, but…

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    Is it wine O'clock yet?

    Today, after driving in snow ( pretty slippery and scary ) and silly arguments with my-not-a-teen-yet son, I cannot help but go to this most yummy cherry glogg I bought back in December. I was ill for most of this year and I did not want alcohol to decrease my immune system any more as it was already so weak with flu and cold. So today is the first day I give in, I give in to a glass or two of cherry glogg, watching the snow fall in the garden. My colleagues at work, often talk about their teenage children and I always dread the teenage years of my…

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    The children cooked their own breakfast

    The children go through this phase sometimes, when they want to cook or help in the kitchen. And I have always said that I will teach them how to cook as it is a life skill. So this morning, surprisingly, or maybe because I said no to watching tv, they both wanted to cook their own breakfast, something we can never do on weekdays or even Saturdays. My son made french toasts while my daughter made a tuna omelette. She hates eggs, unless there is tuna in it. I supervised the cooking of course but they did very well too, and we are looking forward to making pancakes next week.