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Enjoying my garden in the mini heatwave

I always feel like winter is dragging on forever but things are finally looking up, dare a say a few days of sunshine too is on the horizon.

Well, England has seen yesterday it’s hottest April day in 70 years, the temperature being 29 deg. A mini heatwave this week to be followed by a rain and thunder next week.

Needless to say, I have been in the garden since morning, topping up my Vitamin D and putting my washing out.

I cannot sit still. I would sit for 5 minutes, enjoying the peace and sun and then I would run in to get my camera as I have seen something to photograph. There is no lack of inspiration outdoors.

This is my garden and a few others of the children biking around.



So excited about Spring

The sun is out, it is not even that cold outside.
It’s colder indoors than outdoors. And it is my first time in the garden since last year, maybe since October/December.
Spring symbolises new life and here are a few of the photos I took of the plants in my garden, symbolising new life.

I am looking forward to longer days, days spent in the garden, in the sun, and of course good food ( already salivating thinking of grilled fish and vegetables with a cold fresh fruit juice…or a cold cider )  and good company.
Are you as excited as me about spring, good and warm weather?
Photos of My Garden